Was born in Russia, in a small town called Ulyanovsk. Since early days he was interested in music, listening to such founders of techno and house genres as Kraftwerk, U96 and others. Finally after he’s heard tons of music he decided to compose his own tracks. First tracks were in trance style, and they would be trance till nowadays if he didn’t meet one man who absolutely changed his mind to the side of Deep house / deep techno / minimalism music. At summer, 2006 he started to create tracks in Deep House style, and not much time after that his track „Expiation“ was marked by famous russian dj Vitya Doom. At winter, 2006 – 2007 he created his debute track „Mindwork“, which has become „the way to the top“ for him. It’s been approved by a lot of labels. Now He’s going fully into Deep / minimal style and he hopes to work in these styles for ever.

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